Akuaba Fertility Doll Fans
Akuaba Fertility Doll Fans
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Akuaba Fertility Doll Fans

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Beat the heat with these stunning, colorful handmade fans, made in Ghana. 

This is an adorable wooden and straw fertility doll fan from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. It's not only decorative, but it also doubles as a hand fan that fits very comfortably in the hand.

Akuaba Fertility Doll fans.
Wood and Raffia Straw
Made in Ghana.
15″L x 13″W

An Akuba fertility fan is a traditional African artifact that is believed to promote fertility and increase the chances of successful childbirth. These fans are typically made of wood and decorated with intricate carvings and symbolic designs.

The fan is used during traditional African ceremonies, particularly those related to fertility and childbirth. The fan is waved over the woman's abdomen to help stimulate the reproductive organs and enhance fertility. It is also believed to protect the mother and child during pregnancy and labor.

The Akuba fertility fan is not only a powerful symbol of fertility but also a beautiful work of art. The intricate carvings and designs make it a unique addition to any collection of cultural artifacts. Many people display the fan in their homes as a decorative piece or give it as a gift to loved ones who are trying to conceive.

Despite the changing times, the Akuba fertility fan continues to hold a significant place in traditional African culture, representing the importance of fertility and the sacred bond between mother and child.