How To Survive In The Wild

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How To Survive In The Wild

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Practical, field-tested advice for escaping into nature - for a weekend, or forever

Who hasn't dreamt of leaving city life and escaping to the woods? This book will tempt and help you to experience the excitement and simplicity of wilderness life, whether it's building a campfire, making shelter in a forest clearing, or navigating using the stars. Whether your heart longs for a weekend of wild escape or a life-changing relocation, this handbook details all the skills and information you need to live in the woods.

Each topic - such as water, shelter and fire - is covered in increasing detail to suit the length of your outdoor sojourn, from basic tasks through to long-term survival tips. For anyone who hears that gentle whispering through the pines, How to Survive in the Wild is an inspirational handbook to getting back to basics.

Publisher: Modern Books

Number of pages: 144 pages

Language: English