OrTea - African Affairs - Canister
OrTea - African Affairs - Canister
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OrTea - African Affairs - Canister

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African Affairs
“I’m in love!” cried the girl. “With this land and its enchanted inhabitants.” And there she stayed—whiling the days away with the majestic lion, with the giraffe who brought her flowers, and with the gorilla who knitted for her. The meerkats brewed redbush blend with cacao beans. So tantalising were the aromas... that they roused her from slumber! Was it but a dream? One sip of our rooibos blend and you’ll be transported to this place of wonders.


Rooibos, Grapes, Truffle Flavouring, Cocoa Kernels

Smoky like a fine espresso, with a hint of chocolate truffles to provide exquisite balance.

A smooth and silky rooibos, made all the more irresistible by chocolate and vanilla notes.

Caffeine Level

To Use
2g per 200ml water (100 ̊C). Steep 5 minutes.


OrTea wants to introduce you to the best teas from all over the world. 'Healthy', 'responsible' and 'quality' are terms that, unfortunately, are all too often linked to 'boring' in the same breath. However, this is not the case with OrTea, because OT translates this deep respect for tea into colorful, hand-drawn artworks that can be found everywhere on the products. In this way, in addition to your nose and tongue, your eyes are also spoiled when drinking a bag of tea.
All products are certified by international organizations such as IMO Control from Switzerland and JAS from Japan. The tea bags are made from corn starch and the cover is made from unbleached cotton. Moreover, they only use recycled paper and cardboard and opt for biodegradable ink. In summary: Bio from start to finish! Good for you and our planet!