Turquoise Boujaad Rug


Turquoise Boujaad Rug

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100% high quality wool berber rug

Moroccan rugs are hand woven by Berber women of the tribal region specified. Each rug can take a few months to year to complete. The weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations. From modern designs to vintage abstract form this is a way the Berber women carefully preserve their heritage of technique and knowledge passing down messages in wool from one generation to another creating textiles full of life and charm. 
Region: Boujaad rugs are hand woven pile rugs from a small region in the Middle Atlas. These rugs are all individually crafted by hand, typically very colorful and may be slightly asymmetrical in their shape and pattern with some minor imperfections.

Place of Origin: Handcrafted in Morocco

Material: Wool

Dimensions: 2m55 x 1m65

Colors: turquoise, dark blue, purple, sage green, pink, blue

Detail: Professionally clean

I found this stunning vintage piece during one of my many purchasing trips to Marrakech, Morocco, in the heart of the carpet souk.

The geometric design and colorful lustrous wool, all in perfect condition, make it a unique discovry of which I am very proud. It's a highly collectible piece, a true eyecatcher for your home.

PLEASE NOTE: This rug is not made by machine. Each piece is a handmade item by Moroccan artisans, so there may be slight imperfections in weaving, pattern, or shape. All vintage or older items have had a previous life. As these rugs were not originally made for retail there may be slight wear and repairs. We do not see these as imperfection, but the love and story behind each piece.