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A brand that cares, values Quality & embrace’s individuality and imperfection, supporting crafts men & traditional ways of manufacturing from around the world.

After working in fashion industry for many years, with branded label collections, working with some of the best known retailers in the market place. Lisa's job meant she was continently traveling the world bridging the gap between brand and suppliers. This lead her to build great friendships and relationships in the far east but unfortunately opened her eyes to witnessing another side of manufacturing where she saw abuse and un moral working conditions in some factories .The feeling of injustice and sadness kept gnawing at her as she drove through the streets of Dhaka past slums and rubbish dumps where street children lived all looking and hoping for a better life. It was at this point Lisa decided to think of a ways to help the local community. She had already started thinking about designing her own brand and had now decided when her dream become reality she would manufacture in Bangladesh, where she would have a say and could monitor the factories and working conditions, over seeing the standards of the factories and helping give back to the local community.

The name “Yoshiko” was decided as it stands for quality of life, from less stress to more inner peace. Beautiful products makes happy people!

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